Adult Classes

Kickboxing provides a rigorous full-body workout, engaging every muscle to improve stamina, strength and flexibility, while significantly reducing stress and aggression. This intense training builds both physical strength and mental resilience. You will learn effective and powerful striking techniques, defensive skills, pad work and sparring.

Regular training fosters perseverance, encouraging healthier daily habits and a more positive approach to life. Our grading system instills a fantastic sense of achievement.

Training with like-minded people creates a respectful and supportive community. We are passionate about helping our members achieve their goals, with no pressure to accomplish anything beyond what you set for yourself.


Adult classes age 13+, no upper age limit. 

Mondays 7-8pm Female only – Gilbert Inglefield

Tues & Thurs 715pm – Gilbert Inglefield

Wed 630pm – Brooklands School

Sat 11am – Cottesloe School, Wing (Fight Club)