Adult Classes

A safe and friendly place to learn contact Karate & Kickboxing. 

Martial arts offers a total body work out, by using every muscle.  Stamina, muscle tone, flexibility is improved and stress and aggression can be dramatically reduced.  It greatly helps improve not only physical well-being but mental well-being. 

Regular training has a knock on affect with day to day life, eating habits and a desire to take a healthier approach every day. 

The grading systems offers a fantastic sense of achievement. Training with other like minded people it is a great place to meet new friends.  We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals at their own pace. There is no pressure to achieve anything that you don’t want to! 


Adult classes allow cadets from age 13+, with no upper age limit. 

Mondays 7-8pm Female only class, Gilbert Inglefield

Tues & Thurs 715pm, Gilbert Inglefield.

Sat 11am, Cottesloe School, Wing (open sparring class)