Parenting seems the hardest, yet most important job there is.  Always finding the best ways to care for your kids, often wracked with guilt that you aren’t doing enough or correctly etc..

You have a desire to offer your child as much as you can, allowing them to try lots of hobbies, after school clubs, tutors, music, sports etc…why wouldn’t you.

However, I notice children these days have so many clubs and classes, with the parent putting their’s on hold.  Juggling a busy job, being a parent generally and the desire to make sure your child does everything, you either don’t have time for you or don’t feel you should.

I have noticed two things…

1) The child quits.   When a child wants to stop coming to one of our classes,  it is often the case they have too many after school clubs, hobbies.  They are tired, with too many things they are trying to be good at or achieve. In fact, just recently one of our juniors told me they felt overwhelmed, when I asked about why they felt like stopping etc..

It is important children (everyone) experiences bordeom, in a world of full constant available distraction it is a tough thing to be with.   Social neuroscientists have found that the brain has a default network mode that is on when we’re disengaged from doing.

Boredom fosters creativity, self-esteem and original thinking. The key is to help kids learn how to manage their boredom so they can develop independence and feel they have control over their own happiness and well-being,  

2) You have no hobbies. Does your child need another activity, especially if you don’t have any of your own? Does their time need to be completely filled up with you only ever as taxi?  Could they indeed be bored, whilst you undertake something of your own?

My parents let me try everything, however, I was never in multple clubs and hobbies at the same time.  Importantly they always had their own passions and interests. It was the best thing for me to see growing up. That their time and well-being was valuable.

Maybe, next time you forfeit something you want to do, or start searching for another after school club, just pause and consider  if your child really need it?  Could that time be allocated to something you want to do?

A healthy and happier you is the best thing you can do for your loved ones.  It is not selfish, it is self defence.

Sensei Jo 

Maybe this has motivated to try one of our classes or maybe if your child is training with us, try out one of the adult classes and share the hobby!