What age were you when you joined?

I was 8, my parents chose martial arts because it was a mixed gender sport that me and my brother could do together. Kickboxing was also a way to keep my fitness up and make more friends.

Have you ever felt like quitting?

I have never felt like quitting. I have always trained, even when we had to do it on zoom during COVID. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s efforts in class and that inspires to work harder too!

What benefits have you felt from training?

Martial Arts really helps keep me fit, especially during lockdown when you couldn’t leave the house. It also helps me to try new physical things in fitness that I wouldn’t try otherwise. It also has helped me with my schoolwork as it has taught me concentration and discipline and also helps me to take a break from schoolwork and I always feel refreshed after training.

What do you enjoy most?

The classes are fun but also has a hard-working atmosphere which all the students create! I enjoy learning and performing the techniques and that you can make them adapt to your ability and level.

What have you achieved in martial arts that you are proud of?

I am very proud of being a class assistant in the Little Buzzards and Juniors classes. The role has helped my ability in taking to people of different ages and has made me feel more confident when meeting new people.

I am also very proud of the competitions I have fought in, training with WAKO GB sessions and achieving my last grade – blue belt!

What is your advice for anyone thinking about trying martial arts?

Go for it is one of the best decisions I have made ever made!

Try a class, you will not regret it.

Izzie Dover
Blue Belt 
Age 15