1. How old were you when you started training and why did you choose martial arts?

I was 29  I originally joined a gym as I had weight problems. After a few months a friend convinced me to give ECKA a go.

2. How do you manage your work/life balance and has work ever threatened to get in the way? What made you keep training?

Recently my job hours meant I couldn’t train much. However, with personal organisation and discipline I found the right balance, I was able to get back training without compromising my professional responsibilities.Happiness can only be reached with a  personal and professional life balance.

3. Did you ever feel like quitting training?

When my work hours increased (12 hours shifts on regular basis) I seriously considered quitting, the call of the couch was very tempting. After a few months of reduced training, my wife noticed increased stress levels. It took a lot of effort but I decided to get back in regular training and I feel happier and healthier ever since.

4. Has martial arts had an affect on any areas of your life outside of the dojo?

ECKA training had many positives life influences. The obvious gain is related to fitness and health but it has also lowered my stress levels (actually seen by my family) and my self confidence is a lot higher.

5. What would your advice be to anyone considering martial arts?

Make sure you do a background check on the association. Don’t be intimidated.  Martial arts have brought many benefits to my lifestyle; from health to self-control and confidence.

6. What did you think about your first few classes or first time at an ECKA class?

I was actually really scared for my very first class. This feeling went away as soon as the class started and I realised the club is filled with friendly and level headed people there to enjoy themselves.

7. What is the thing you enjoy the most in your training? Have you achieved more than you thought?

Joining ECKA has literally changed my life. I joined for fitness and fell in love with the sport, so much so that I now view fitness only as a tool to become better at martial arts. I have achieved brown belt and aiming for my black belt in the next 12 to 18 months. I have also competed and am very proud to have achieved bronze medal at the WAKO’s. I must thank ECKA and Sensei Jo for everything I have learnt as I never thought I could reach these kind of achievements.