“Kickboxing can’t offer me anything more than a gym”
Five years in the gym V Five years in the dojo – One equals a black belt!
If you came to a kickboxing class and you worked at a slower pace than you were able to and didn’t push yourself, then what will you achieve?   Only you can do anything for yourself, just turning up doesn’t make it happen. Bit like those people who go to the gym and sit in the Jacuzzi for an hour..:-)

Research also shows that exercise done in a group achieves better results than exercising alone. Good luck on that boring treadmill!  Check out our blog on this page about what ECKA classes can offer you that the gym can’t!

“I have to be fit to start kickboxing”
This is the phrase which makes me the most frustrated here at ECKA Leighton Buzzard.    That is like saying you need to get fit before you join the gym, or you need to learn how to drive before having driving lessons!

ECKA Leighton Buzzard gets you fit! You need no starting point.   When I started I could not do one press up and just looked at everyone else thinking I want to be able to do that.. fitness is not exclusive! Anyone can get fit!

Kickboxing is as tough as you want it to be.The benefit being that you will push yourself to limits that you won’t do in the gym.

“I don’t want to grade”
Most students turn up to their first classes saying this exact thing including me.  I wasn’t interested in grading or competing, I am now a 3rd Dan black belt, competed for over 10 years and loving running ECKA Leighton Buzzard! So you can say I changed my mind!

Once students realise the immense sense of achievement and constant motivation it offers to aim towards your next belt, they somehow have a change of heart. Progress is the key to happiness so that old saying goes!   Students are never pressured into grading, it is their choice. But I have yet to see one not want to!

“I will get injured”
Injuries can happen anywhere. In your house,  at your work, pulled muscles at the gym, tripping over your dog.  I’ve have seen so many injuries in supposedly “non-contact” sports such as football or netball with twisted ankles and knees etc… Any sport where you are challenging your body will result in aches and strains on occasions. We all like the odd DOMS! (delayed onset muscle soreness) to know we have worked a little! But you are responsible for your body and how you look after it!

In Kickboxing we wear full protective equipment and sparring is always with control and with light contact.  The reality is any injuries are muscle strains through training hard rather than being hit or kicked. Honestly!   Check out our students blog on this website Pete B: “The class is like a room full of helpful Sensei’s. The standards are high and there is no room for egos!”

Sensei Jo

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