How old were you when you started training and why did you choose karate?
I started at 8 years old. I heard about it and wanted to give it go.

2. What do you enjoy most about training with ECKA Leighton Buzzard?
I enjoy most preparing for the grading , for competitions and for preparing to defend myself in real life.

3. What would your advice be to children thinking about trying karate?
Get ready to do the most exercise in your life.

4. Do you remember your first class and how you felt? 
I remember my first class, I was scared and unsure but  soon I got used to training with others around me.

 5. Have you achieved something you are proud of in ECKA?
I am proud of becoming ECKA National Champion and doing great in belt grading.

 6. Is there anything else you would like to achieve?
I would like to achieve having an A+ in a grading.  (Oscar already has achieved an A- grade!)

 7. Do you want to achieve your black belt and why?
I do want to achieve my black belt because  I want to become a sensei.

 8. Have you felt any benefits from learning karate?
I feel fitter everyday I go to karate and I feel like I’ve worked hard.